Mad Oak can be booked by the hour, by half-day, or by full day lockout. The rate decreases as the session length increases, meaning, hourly sessions are the most expensive way to book with us. We also offer heavily-discounted rates for 7-day lockouts and for 30-day lockouts. For more information on these sorts of extended bookings, please contact us


A "day" here at Mad Oak means a lockout period of up to 24 hours. That means you can leave your instruments and equipment (and any associated recording gear) set up and untouched for the duration of your booking.  This is particularly useful for multi-day sessions where having to set up and tear down between sessions would be an undesirable use of time.  Please note that this does NOT mean your engineer will be available for all 24 of those hours!! Typically, our staff works eight-hour days, but longer days can generally be accommodated. Please let us know well in advance of your session if you plan to work longer than eight hours so the proper arrangements can be made. Similarly, if you are hoping to record during unusual hours, please let us know well in advance. Our staff, while definitely sort of weird, really are human beings (we swear!) and they need to sleep and eat and have some semblance of normal interaction with society outside this building. 


We require a 50% deposit on all full day bookings.

A "half day" is a four-hour block. This includes set-up and break-down time, so if you book noon to 4pm, your engineer will begin setting up at noon, and the studio must be fully clear of people and equipment at 4pm.

We require a 50% deposit on all half-day bookings.

An hour is, well, an hour. Note that that hour includes set-up and break-down time, so if you book noon to 1pm, your engineer will begin setting up at noon, and the studio must be fully clear of people and equipment at 1pm.

We require all hourly sessions be paid in full in advance.

Bookings are not guaranteed until a deposit has been paid (or, in the case of hourly sessions, until the session has been paid for in full). Deposits are non-refundable, however, clients who cancel more than four weeks prior to the session can reschedule without penalty. Clients who cancel less than four weeks prior to the session forfeit their deposit, and it will be up to the discretion of Mad Oak to determine whether the session can be rescheduled without additional cost.

Mad Oak is not responsible for your data!! While we make every effort to keep your precious recordings safe and secure for as long as possible (using our system of multiple redundant backups including off-site backup and archival), it is ultimately the clients' responsibility to save, store, transfer, maintain, and otherwise manage their own data. This is particularly true for freelance producers and engineers. Our main work drives are regularly wiped, swapped, moved, and generally shuffled about; you don't want the only copy your hard work (and that of your clients!) to only exist on one of these!

Last, but certainly not least, assistant engineers are available at extra cost. They're super helpful and will make your life easier and your session run smoother.  We highly recommend you hire one of our awesome assistants.

Some words on our booking terminology and policies: